mouse (squeekiemouse) wrote,

This time tomorrow my sweet will be in my arms. eee!

I've been really crazy busy. I think this week was one of the more stressful ones, last week too, but most of that is my own fault. I was (am?) trying to get everything as done as possible before M gets here, for one, but also I did not plan ahead as much as I should have. I blame getting a job--it severely curtailed my free time, so I had to completely restructure how and when I do things. It always takes me a week or two to get used to that, but that was.. well, three weeks ago or so. So, yknow.

Eventually I will have time to socialize, but Im in a bit of a hermit spot right now. Im sorry if I havnt talked to you all in a while. It'll happen. I havnt forgotten you : )

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