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Ok, so the car thing--its not nearly as bad as that all sounded. Nothing crashed, Im not hurt, no one is hurt or really in trouble with the law. Basically, the car's been on and off broken (read: wont start) since I drove it up here in early September. Its old, and it just hasnt taken to the cold and wet very well. Its been sitting a lot, because besides being sometimes broken, I rarely drive. Its a pain to drive in Seattle, and just not worth it. SO, its basically been parked on the street a lot. Someone complained, and apparently there's a Seattle law that says that a car cant sit parked for more than 72 hours. SO, I have to move it before Sat. Now, it wont start right now, so I cant move it myself. As of a week ago, the family (read: owners) decided that its time here is done. Its been in the family 20 years, but its done and can be donated somewhere. Great. My step mother is mailing me the title thingie, so I can go do that. HOWEVER, it wont be here before Sat. AAA is supposed to be an emergency road service, so they might not want to help me out. I know I can fake it and all, but... I still feel pretty bad about it. I dont want to spend more money on this, and Im just DONE. Its starting to mold on the inside too, which is another sign that the wet didnt take. I'll clear it out and just send it off, but I just want it gone and done with now.

THe cat woke me up at 6am this morning, and I stayed up fairly late to get to talk to my sweetheart. So, 4 hours of sleep + mild sleep dep from the whole week before = really non-functioning mouse, especially emotionally. Im just so tired, and so done, and so not in the mood to deal with this. I will deal with it, and it will be fine, and I will be fine, Im just.. Im just kinda losing it currently. I cant wait till its over...

Anyhow, thats the scoop. All will return to being well eventually, I hope.

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