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Wednesday, August 4th, 2010
10:49 pm
I actively try to be happy. I work very hard at it, actually. But, I think I forget that many other people dont, or at least dont feel like that is an option or a way to deal with the world.

Dont get me wrong here--I dont think that Im in control of my emotions, and sometimes I royally suck at being happy. But, I think that my effort at least has shown through, both in the way I see myself and my life and the way others perceive me.

It takes energy. Maybe some people just have a hard time having that energy. The last month for me has been quite stressful and I think I've had more patches of not-as-happy than I would if I were well rested and less stressed.

..but still, I think I need reminding sometimes that many others do not feel that they can put effort and work into pushing their emotions in a certain direction.

Perhaps it is all a matter of my perspective or bias--I mean, I had a discussion with a friend a while back about how its not a given that a person would want to be happy.

What are your thoughts on the matter? How do you go about trying to be happy, or do you?

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Thursday, July 29th, 2010
9:09 pm
Hey Folks that have been to Germany for exchanges and such--Did you apply for a DAAD scholarship? If so, what was your experience?

Also, does anyone know what this particular clause means?:
"At the time of application, applicants may not be living in Germany for a period of more than one year."

Does that mean that one cannot be living in Germany for more than THE year before applying, or that one cannot have lived in Germany for more than one year total in one's lifetime before applying?

It makes a big difference, because I've lived in Germany for a year, but I wont be living there for the year prior to my application.

Basically, as an update on my life for everyone who's curious--Im strongly considering getting a second masters in History right after I finish up my MLIS. And yes, I intend to do it in Germany! I will certainly be moving to Germany to live with my Sweet after I graduate next spring, but it remains to be seen if I do a Masters there, try to get a job or try to do an internship or a combo of any of those. If I get a DAAD scholarship, Im doin' the masters (assuming they let me in). The scholarships are REALLY awesome--basically, they give you a stipend of 750 euros a month, or so, they pay for insurance and they even will buy you plane tickets to get to and from. In Goettingen, living with my sweet, I'd easily be able to live off of that! Maybe even with some extra money to spare.

Other things in my life right now--Im almost finished with an internship at the Seattle Public Library, at the busiest of the 26+ branches (not counting central). Its the awesomest team to work with EVER, and I have learned SO MUCH. I did story time yesterday! It was great. : )

Im leaving to visit my sweet and take a class in the Netherlands on August 19th. Im excited.

The big SUCK right now is that I have contracted headlice from somewhere. Im really pretty pissed. I should be at the tail end right now--I've done the shampooing and the combing and the everything for the last two weeks. However, It hink I've givne it to my housemate so I have to be on my guard. My head was a little itchy today, which made me really nervous, but it could be ascribed to other factors. For example, I woke up late and didnt wash my hair. I sweated a lot today. Also, I've been wearing a headscarf as a precaution for work and the internship etc. So, warm day + sweat + headscarf + not having washed it might have just made my head a little itchy. Still, Im all paranoid, so I'll be oiling my hair again tonight and combing through it tomorrow morning. If I keep doing that every few days Im hoping that it'll then magically either go away if I have it again or never happen again. This needs to be done by three weeks from now, basically. No other option! The hair will go if the lice dont. (I've always wanted to shave my head, actually, though my Sweet is not in favor of it so I dont do it if I dont have to)

One side effect of the headbug is being banished from working at the retirement community. I understand really--a building full of 150+ old people + headbugs = really really bad. It means less money, though, and I feel very irresponsible--the library looks terrible I am sure. I will be in contact with them--maybe I can get them to pay a friend or something to go neaten things up. This also sucks a lot because I will be leaving for six weeks once Im off to Germany, which means that they'll REALLY not have a librarian... Blarg.

The bookstore job I have is going well though, and I really like them! Im doing some great things, and I really enjoy it. They're good people. I've been buying a lot of books too, which is awesome. Yay!

uhmmmmmmm I've been reading a lot! I did a display for the teen area at my library for the internship, and so I read a lot of those, and I picked up a new author: Patricia C. McKillip. I've really been enjoying her stuff, though Alphabet of Thorn has been very much my favorite so far.

And yeah, thats mostly it. : ) My life is pretty good all things considered, though of course very busy. I'm sure Im forgetting a million things to tell you all! But yes, good times in general.

Ok, off I go to work on stuff. YAY!


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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010
10:49 pm
Life is settling down a bit. I appreciate that, universe, thank you.

My summer is going very quickly, and I have been quite busy learning things. : ) I like that.

My summer will continue to be full of learning things. I like that too!

Unfortunately, I have not been great at keeping up with people, for which I apologize. Really, though, in the last couple of weeks I have missed you all more than ever.

I do know that I will be spending weeks of next summer at home in CA. That means trips to Davis, and tea with people, and just.. letting everything go after graduation. I feel like Im already ready for that, but I have a whole 'nother year. I'll make it work!

Anyhow, Have to get back to house stuff and things!

I'll see some of you someday soon....


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Sunday, May 23rd, 2010
7:35 pm
Attention Pryanksters!!!
So, I will technically be in CA during the first weekend of Tahoe. I fly in on June 5th, so I would only be able to do the 6th if that. In order for me to do that, I would have to find a way up there and back given those parameters. I'll be in Berkeley, but I can get to Davis fine. I just dont want to drive all the way to Tahoe and back by myself. Im ok going up the night of the 5th, but I'd want to be back by the (late) night of the 6th, so that I can be in Berkeley on Monday morning.

...I know its a long shot, but I'd love to go and dance!
If any of you have a schedule that fits that, and would be willing to give me a ride, pop me an email!


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Saturday, April 24th, 2010
7:37 pm
I have bell pads now! weeheehee!

I get to be a real drunk morris dancer now, huzzah! Im LOUD!

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Friday, April 23rd, 2010
10:18 pm
Thank you all who tried to help me with the proxy problem. I have been successful in setting up a proxy (especially thanks to nightbluesprite's link), but Im still not at getting what I want. grr. I can get to the point where the site recognizes that Im allowed to be there, but then there's a "verbingdungsproblem" a "connection problem" and it wont buffer or load the video I'd like to gain access to. I dont know if that is because of the proxy or because of something else.

We'll see what happens. I still have some more experimentation to do.


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Thursday, April 15th, 2010
10:36 pm
Would someone explain to me how to use proxies right? Im asking specifically about how to make it look like Im from a different place, i.e. to view things that are only for the UK or for Germany, or for the US when Im in Germany off of a German IP address. I find that extremely frustrating and I dont know how to bypass it safely. I honestly understand when its something thats coming out on DVD or some such, but many things cannot be otherwise accessed. I suppose I am not a citizen of Germany, so I get that logic, but I dont really understand why I have to get shut out from US stuff when Im abroad.

...so anyhow, if someone could explain that, that'd be really cool.


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Sunday, February 28th, 2010
11:20 pm
This time tomorrow my sweet will be in my arms. eee!

I've been really crazy busy. I think this week was one of the more stressful ones, last week too, but most of that is my own fault. I was (am?) trying to get everything as done as possible before M gets here, for one, but also I did not plan ahead as much as I should have. I blame getting a job--it severely curtailed my free time, so I had to completely restructure how and when I do things. It always takes me a week or two to get used to that, but that was.. well, three weeks ago or so. So, yknow.

Eventually I will have time to socialize, but Im in a bit of a hermit spot right now. Im sorry if I havnt talked to you all in a while. It'll happen. I havnt forgotten you : )


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Wednesday, February 24th, 2010
7:34 pm
This kinda reminds me of me. The one in the blue jacket, I mean..

Current Mood: amused

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Wednesday, February 17th, 2010
7:37 pm
Soooooo life just got really busy, which is why you all havnt hear much from me. Im taking about 1.5x the normal load, and I just got some good time consuming stuff!

First off, I got a job! Yay! Im cataloging for an AWESOME used book store thats amazing. I get a great discount and I feel like Im learning so much! Its 15 hours a week.

Second, I just accepted an 8 hr a week job today! It does not start until April, but Im really excited about it. Its a library in a retirement home for people affiliated with UW (professors, librarians etc. etc.). I get complete control over it, with some financial strings attached! But really, Im super excited, and it'll be great experience. The bummer is that they want a year commitment, which means that I wont be leaving to live in Germany all of summer. ON the other hand, I get to hang out in Seattle and see more of it. I would also get to be here during the crazy awesome weather, and probably take summer classes too! Im very excited about that part! Plus, they're PAYING me for this stuff! I still cant quite get over that part...

Third, my Sweet comes very very soon. I am so impatient! whaagh!

Fourth, Im going to be in the Neatherlands between the middle of August and the middle of September for an amazing class about Dutch libraries and research stuff. Im super excited. Best part? My Sweet gets to come with! whee!

Fifth, everything in the world is due on Friday for me. Get this--I have to i) sign up for classes at 6am, ii) give a 50 minute presentation with my group in class starting at 8:30, iii) turn in my 15 page draft of a paper for the same class, iv) turn in an assignment for another class, v) take a quiz by then, vi) turn in another mini-essay and vii) go to work! Brain is so exploding! On the other hand, highschool theater really did train me well--Im 90% done with all of those things (assuming I can be at this point). Isnt that crazy? I have to pretty up my citations and footnotes for the 15 pager tonight, and the others I will do tomorrow or read over and edit.

Sixth, Im volunteering at the Washington Talking Book and Braille Library, which is great! Im going tomorrow. Im also volunteering at the Seattle Public Library, which is really cool too!

Seventh, I originally thought I'd be volunteering at the Seattle Art Museum's libraries too, but now I dont have any time. Ohwell.

Eighth, Im too busy for my own good!

ninth, this is such a cool number

tenth, did I mention my Sweet is coming? Whee! I have another 15 page paper and several assignments due before then. But it'll be good.

Ok, ten things is good for now. Off to work!

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Thursday, January 28th, 2010
6:46 pm
Ok, so the car thing--its not nearly as bad as that all sounded. Nothing crashed, Im not hurt, no one is hurt or really in trouble with the law. Basically, the car's been on and off broken (read: wont start) since I drove it up here in early September. Its old, and it just hasnt taken to the cold and wet very well. Its been sitting a lot, because besides being sometimes broken, I rarely drive. Its a pain to drive in Seattle, and just not worth it. SO, its basically been parked on the street a lot. Someone complained, and apparently there's a Seattle law that says that a car cant sit parked for more than 72 hours. SO, I have to move it before Sat. Now, it wont start right now, so I cant move it myself. As of a week ago, the family (read: owners) decided that its time here is done. Its been in the family 20 years, but its done and can be donated somewhere. Great. My step mother is mailing me the title thingie, so I can go do that. HOWEVER, it wont be here before Sat. AAA is supposed to be an emergency road service, so they might not want to help me out. I know I can fake it and all, but... I still feel pretty bad about it. I dont want to spend more money on this, and Im just DONE. Its starting to mold on the inside too, which is another sign that the wet didnt take. I'll clear it out and just send it off, but I just want it gone and done with now.

THe cat woke me up at 6am this morning, and I stayed up fairly late to get to talk to my sweetheart. So, 4 hours of sleep + mild sleep dep from the whole week before = really non-functioning mouse, especially emotionally. Im just so tired, and so done, and so not in the mood to deal with this. I will deal with it, and it will be fine, and I will be fine, Im just.. Im just kinda losing it currently. I cant wait till its over...

Anyhow, thats the scoop. All will return to being well eventually, I hope.


Current Mood: tired

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1:24 pm
The saga of the headache of my car continues. I will elaborate on that later, but dear gods do I want this over with. IF all goes well, 1 week or less left of stress over it. Hopefully only 1 more AAA call. Cross your fingers everyone?

Oh, and my call to the Seattle Police department had me talking to possibly the rudest, most patronizing asshole in the world. He basically assumed that I was stupid, couldnt read, and further he wouldnt let me finish to ask my clarifying question. Sonofabitch. All I needed was a "no." Interrupting me to explain what I already know does not help. I submitted a complaint to the mayor's office, because he pissed me off that much... which says something, because I dont think I have ever submitted a complaint like that.

Anyway, I really need to go.

Hugs to all,

Current Mood: cranky

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Thursday, January 21st, 2010
3:19 pm
*sigh* I think its very hard to not be discouraged when rejected from lots of jobs, one after the other. I recognize that its an extremely horrible time to be looking for work, and that Im also relatively unexperienced in many things, but... still. I've gotten turned down from jobs that would have been easy for me to do, and I feel like that sucks. Its hard not to take that as rejection, though Im sure thats not fair to those who're trying to hire. Blast.

Screw it, Im just going to stay a student for the rest of my life. Im good at being a student and I've got lots of experience at it. Oh, and I've got fantastic references to show for it too....

Oh, and by the way--no need to tell me that I'm amazing or shower me with complements. Im not letting it hit me that personally, just not feeling too great at my interview abilities, thats all. That'll all sort out with time and more practice. I just wish that were now. Or that I'd get hired. Or both.

In other news, Im picking the penny whistle back up, after a long pause. Im still not very good at it, but its a good thing for me to fiddle with when I've got a moment.

I really need to go do lots of homework now...


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Sunday, January 3rd, 2010
12:33 pm
The "references" section of job applications is kinda stressing me out. I don really have good references for paid work. I have something I can write down, but not very much that is useful. Do they really actually check them much? Should I just write something down and hope for the best?

Regardless of whether or not I get interviews, this whole process is really discouraging. Im not sure I qualify for much at all, for all that Im good at school. It makes me want to stay in academia, where looking at school stuff actually helps.

I guess this all boils down to "I dont want to grow up!!"

I'll probably just get some entry level thing at some point and get contacts that way. I'll certainly pay more attention to gathering references and the like now than I have in the past. I'll pull through, of course, but just... bleh. Stupid job market.

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Saturday, January 2nd, 2010
5:09 pm
Dear Livejournal World,
I am home now in Seattle. Home safe on the flight from Germany (through Amsterdam). I have lots to do, and no brain to do it, but I am sure this quarter will turn out well somehow.

I wish you all a happy new year and happy-whatever-holidays-you-celebrate-around-this-time-of-year.

I will probably write more about stuff, things, thoughts, happenings, history and the world in the near future. Right now all I can manage to do is try to stay awake until a reasonable hour. So far so good...

Love to you all, love and hugs,

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Tuesday, December 15th, 2009
11:45 pm
I just found a job at SeaTac airport for someone fluent in both English and German. They're looking for someone to basically be doing customer service and checkin. Thoughts? Should I apply or is that a terrible job?

If nothing else I am intrigued. I've never thought of working at an airport with languages before. Of course, now that I've seen the posting, it makes perfect sense, but still. I've never thought that I'd be qualified for that, but I suppose I am...

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10:56 pm
Sewers of garb: please read the last bit, especially the questions
I joined a Morris dancing team yesterday! It was loads of fun, but my calves hurt a bit now. : ) They're super nice and wonderful people. I saw them dancing at a craft fair in my neighborhood, and then I gave them my contact info! Its perfect timing because they're in teaching mode--someone else joined last week, and another woman joined a couple months ago. Its really cool! Its hard, but I really like it. They also taught one english country dance--Chestnut. Apparently they also do Newcastle, which I think is cool because I know it! The woman teaching the english country dances used to dance with Newcastle (I've danced with them), so thats pretty nifty.

For those of you who dont know Morris dancing: there's youtube videos of varying quality (both in camera and dancing). There's also English Country if you dont know that one either.

Anyhow, Morris involves lots of hopping, so I laced me up in my old bodice to see how well that worked. It worked alright, but... man, my clothes are pretty worn out at this stage. I mean, the skirts, it doesnt much matter, but the bodice is really starting to look threadbare. Also, my bodice doesnt fit well anymore at all--I have to eyes-over-eyes it, and even then it's a little loose at weird places.

Last faire I almost bought me a new one, but I bounced right out of it just being my usual self, so I didnt buy it. Thinking about it now, it makes sense--I am disproportionately top heavy. That makes my current bodice fit a little weird too. Also, I really want to patronize (not be patronizing, but chose to give money to) my friends who know how to sew stuff, rather than some stranger.

So my question to all you garb sewers:
1. How much would a custom bodice cost?
(If you were the one sewing it, or someone you know)
2. How much would a custom blouse cost?
(If you were the one sewing it, or someone you know)
3. Would you be willing to sew me one? How many fittings etc.?
Does anyone know who else I can contact about this?

I'd love to sew it myself, but I rarely have time and I KNOW Im not that good, especially for the bodice. I just dont have the experience, and I really need it to be functional.

Please let me know! Thank you for your help!

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11:56 am
So I think I've pretty much decide that my next language will be French. I will continue to try to teach myself Latin this year, which I've been pretty terrible about doing recently. I'm a little less concerned with Latin because its not a spoken language, and thats my favorite part. However, Latin is pretty darn awesome, so I dont see any reason not to keep up with it.

The contenders were: French, Latin, Japanese, Hindi, Something Scandinavian (Norwegian, Swedish or Danish, not Finnish), Dutch...and I think that was it. Oh! Spanish! How can I forget?

Latin... Latin is a major contender if Im going to apply to grad school in history. HOWEVER, French is a close second in that category, because reading old french documents would help my research of center European early modern stuff. Japanese and Hindi have the disadvantage of needing to learn a new script. Im not against this completely, Im just not sure I want to do that right now. Its a lot more flashcardsandstuff than I think I want to put in right now. Something Scandinavian and Dutch have the slight problem that I dont really know too many people who speak them, so I dont have people to talk to or communicate with. (Before you all yell, Im pretty much talking face-to-face here, because speaking is the most fun part for me).

That leaves Spanish and French, of which there are many people to talk to. Spanish would just be very useful for where I live now. French would be useful for traveling in Europe and other places. Spanish has the problem of learning different kinds of Spanish, which would decrease its usefulness abroad. French has the grad-school possibility.

And finally, a friend of mine would be willing to learn French with me, in the same class at UW. Funnily enough I didnt meet him at UW, I met him outside of school.

So! I think its settled assuming that last part pans out!

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Friday, December 11th, 2009
12:41 am
Ohmygoodness I want one!


Someday I'll have enough money for a lot of the frivolous things that I want. I have a feeling thats not going to happen for a very long time, if ever, since I intend to have kids, buy a house, have pets and donate to/help out with charities and other programs (as soon as I start actually MAKING money instead of paying universities...) But I can still dream!!! Hee!

Current Mood: amused

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Thursday, December 10th, 2009
11:02 pm
So, as many of you know, I dont wear make up. At all. I actually never have outside of last halloween (which was a hoot). I dont know how to do it myself, and honestly, I have little to no interest in it. Before anyone gets all up in arms, this preference has nothing what so ever to do with other people--it is a personal choice and lack of interest. Other people may do whatever it is they wish.

However, it has been expressed to me on more than one occasion that... well, that this would adversely affect me in job interviews. I'm curious to hear what you think and why, because its not something that completely makes sense to me.

Do you think not wearing make up at a job interview will affect my being hired or not? (or someone else, it doesnt have to be me)

Thanks for your thoughts.

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